Experience-Based Business Plan


Property Management is a continuing business relationship quite different from a sales encounter. Manager, Tenant, and Owner have an ongoing relationship that works best with full disclosures, direct and complete information, and immediate responses to all problems.
The process begins with a clear understanding of the market between Owner and Manager; positioning the property (marketing plan) to best suit the Owners' objectives; and fully exposing that property to potential Tenants.




Can you imagine how you would feel if a property manager had not exercised due care and you suffered serious consequences?

Unlike sales, not all business is "good business".

I had a very gracious couple balk at signing the Rental Agreement and addendums months after they had signed the Reservation Agreement and provided a deposit. It was a tiny oceanfront townhouse and the gracious couple had withheld their intention to have a family reunion of sorts during a period of their occupancy. Fortunately, the "number of occupants" clause and the "Maintenance" addendum caused the couple to recognize potential severe financial repercussions. In this case, the owner's property was protected because of the thorough contracts.




My style of management is generally approved by condo boards and I have benefited from their direct recommendations.
I receive unobligated referrals from real estate professionals; i.e., "use this person to manage your property" and well as condo owners.

I actually have been asked to and do manage property owned by Real Estate Professionals.


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